Beulah Temple of Seventh-day Adventists

Because He first loved us


Adventurer Club

The Adventurer Club is a church-sponsored ministry for children ages 3-9.  Through the Adventurer Club, children get to know Jesus through activities that develop character and social skills.  Some of the activities include age-appropriate bible study, arts and craft,  community services activities, nature exploration, field trips and more.

Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministries is responsible for the spiritual development of the children of Ephesus and the community. With the assistance of a dedicated staff, we seek to impart the knowledge of God and help children experience God’s love. We accomplish these goals through skillfully planned programs that include, Children’s Church, Children’s Sabbath School classes for all age categories  and social activities.


The Communication and Media Ministries serves to strategically support the various ministries of Ephesus Church in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by using various mediums of communication. Through the technology of the Media Ministries, they play an integral part in all church services ensuring that there is quality sound, video and live access for others to view our church services through our website. Our Photographyteam uses photography as a tool to enhance the multi-media ministries of the church. Photos offer others a glimpse into the church’s character telling the story of how we serve God by capturing church activities and individuals. These photos are used in videos, on our website, other social media outlets and in printed materials. To get up-to-the-minute updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Community Services

Community Services is the humanitarian agency of the church.  This department aims to build collaborative partnerships with the community and church members and equip leaders to serve and transform our communities.

Deacon Ministries

The greatest role of a deacon role is one of service. Male and female deacons (also known as Deaconess) provide assistance at church services and meetings, visit members, the sick and shut in and also provide assistance to the less fortunate.  Deacons play a key role in Baptism and Communion services and assist the church helping to maintain order and ensuring that the church is properly cared for.

Disability Ministries

Ensures the accessibility of ministry and fellowship through visitation, resource distribution, and evangelism to our differently abled members and visitors. All people (regardless of circumstance or status) should have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ ensuring that no one is shut out, or left out.


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